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How To Choose The Right Dog Trainer For You

Many people we speak with are not aware that Dog Training is an unregulated industry. This means that anyone can hang out a shingle and charge for services as a dog trainer. Assuming you don’t want just “anyone” providing training for your dog, here are some tips for choosing the right dog trainer for you.

Many dog trainers do not possess any formal training. Many people become dog trainers after experience with training their dog for the show ring or sport. What we’ve found is that this often does not translate well to training a dog to be a great family member. This blog at 4 Paws University provides a great explanation of why the dog trainer you choose matters a great deal.


Top Tips for Socializing Your New Puppy

Puppies between the age of 3 weeks to 16 weeks are in their Socialization Stage. During this Stage, it’s critical that you introduce your puppy to a variety of people, animals, sounds and places to ensure proper socialization.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Always pair things your puppy considers positive with new experiences:

  • People – Include children, men, women, people of different ethnicities and people wearing and carrying stuff
  • Animals – Dogs and Puppies – introduce and provide play opportunities after you have ensured potential playmates are friendly and display good play skills
  • Puppy classes and puppy socials are controlled environments offering appropriate play opportunities in a sanitary environment
  • Dog Parks can be overwhelming to a young puppy – wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated and well socialized before frequenting your local dog park.
  • Whenever your puppy sees another animal, pair with good things according to your puppy
  • Visit parks and places where you can sit and watch the various people and animals at a comfortable distance for you puppy – don’t forget to pair yums, toys and play with new experiences