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Your New Puppy Checklist

Spring is right around the corner – and often this brings with it thoughts of a brand new puppy to join your home. Are you prepared with all you’ll need to make sure you’re ready for your new puppy’s arrival? Here’s our handy check-list of everything you’ll need to be equipped when your new puppy joins your family:

  • Travel Crate – a safe place for your puppy in your vehicle
  • Crate and puppy play pen – an appropriately sized crate will help you with your early housetraining efforts. A puppy play pen gives your puppy a safe place to play when you are unable to watch him closely. It can also be used for extended periods away from home with appropriate chew toys and a potty pad
  • Comfy Bed – just like us puppies enjoy snuggling into a soft and cozy place for sleeping
  • Food and water dishes – we suggest top priority in selection is for ease of cleaning
  • Lots of chew toys, including Kongs for stuffing and consumables such as bully sticks
  • Fetch and Tug Toys such as balls, frisbees and rope toys
  • Collar with ID tag and leash – as your puppy grows keep a close watch on fitting of the collar
  • Variety of small treats for rewards – you may purchase soft treats or you may elect to cut up chicken or string cheese, both options work well
  • Brush, comb, nail trimmer and toothbrush – yes a toothbrush – studies have shown tooth brushing has a large impact on your dogs overall health and life longevity

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