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Make Way For The New Breed Of Dog Trainer

When you put your much loved dog in the hands of a trainer at a day train or ‘boot camp’ do you actually know what you’re going to get? At the very least, you expect competence, kindness and care. But in an unregulated industry, trainers can be hazy about the methods they use and even hazier about the evidence on which they’re based. But all that is about to change. A new breed of trainers is coming onto the scene. They’re professional, highly qualified and committed to exceptional service. At DogSense, we’re proud to be one of the first of this new breed and we’re bringing owners into our world via webcam to see just how we make a difference.

When your dog is at ‘bootcamp’ or in  dog daycare training, you have to take a lot on trust. When you pick him up in the evening, he can’t tell you what kind of a day he’s had. For sure, you should be able to see if he’s learned anything, but you won’t know how he’s learned. And that’s important. At best, you need to be able to know what to do to reinforce the training at home. At worst, if the trainer has used a short, sharp, shock approach, there may be quick results, but it will almost certainly be at a price for your dog in the longer term.

Now, thanks to far more advanced knowledge of exactly how dogs learn, higher standards of education for trainers and modern technology, a completely different caliber of training is available to owners, one that we’re pioneering at our DogSense headquarters in Minnesota.

We want to sweep away the folklore that surrounds dog training and be completely open to owners seeing us in action. We want them to know how they can apply similar methods in their day-to-day routines to make the training effective and really ‘sticky’.

We use entirely positive and proven methods, based on solid education in animal behavior from a world-leading training institution, the Academy for Dog Trainers. And owners can see it for themselves by logging into the webcam in real time when their dog is being trained and pick up on the techniques for themselves.

We think it’s way past time to raise the bar in the training we give our dogs. In a world of whisperers and listeners, myth and misconception, we want owners to be able to demand the best. It’s what we’d demand for ours.


  1. Helen Verte says:

    Dog owners who use your facility must be thrilled at your credentials and transparency. Groundbreaking!

  2. Brilliant! Transparency and evidence-based practices.
    A beautiful thing!

  3. Excellent article, your facility will provide owners with a real sense of comfort. Transparency and proven science based methods- there is no better way!

  4. Melissa says:

    The dog are so lucky to have you! Way to set new standards!

  5. And raising the bar, you are!

  6. Julia Holbert says:

    How wonderful that your facility offers the best in science based dog training and a web cam to see their dog in action.

  7. fearfuldogs says:

    Hopefully in time it will be the only breed people will spend their hard-earned money on.

  8. “We want to sweep away the folklore that surrounds dog training and be completely open to owners seeing us in action.” It takes a lot to back up the talk and you are doing it. Great job in creating transparency and setting the bar high.

  9. Kelly George says:

    My two dogs are currently enrolled and they love it. (And I think I may love it even more because of the results.

  10. Stacey Kelly Brewer says:

    Bravo! As the owner of a dog who was RUINED and made fearful by the handling and training she received at the super popular daycare that I took her to, I commend your business on holding such a high standard and making your training process so accessible.Transparency Rules!

  11. Jean says:

    Consumer Reports should do something on dog training as it is so unregulated and unlicensed! Brava to you guys for doing it right!

  12. I love your transparency. I look forward to the day when people become more educated about dog training and are smarter shoppers. Take your dog to Dog Sense Unleashed if you have sense!

  13. Vyolet Michaels says:

    People need to be their animal’s advocate and demand scientifically sound, reward-based techniques. Places like yours raise the bar and show people there are better, more efficient, safer techniques to train and communicate with dogs, without using fear or pain. Great blog!!!

  14. These are important points raised both in the blog and the comments so far….go Jody and Team Dogsense Unleashed!

  15. Sara Davies says:

    Combining the two worlds of doggy daycare and dog training is innovative enough, but add in the energy, education and experience of Jody and her team and what you have is simply the best of all worlds. Dogs deserve better, and they’ll get it with Jody.

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