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Forget The Whispering – For Dogs, Good Behavior Is Like Learning To Shoot Hoops

The world of dog training is littered with myth, mystique and machismo. The moment you hit the web or the bookshelf in search of some sound advice, you find the pep talks about poor leadership, dogs determined to dominate and the need for owners to man (or woman) up and show they’re top of the pile and head of the pack. But getting the dogs we love to behave in the way we’d like is not about stamping out their resistance to our will. In fact, for your dog, it’s more like what it takes to become an ace at shooting hoops or master the piano. Effective progress and lasting success takes practice and skilled coaching. Why should that be any surprise?


Make Way For The New Breed Of Dog Trainer

When you put your much loved dog in the hands of a trainer at a day train or ‘boot camp’ do you actually know what you’re going to get? At the very least, you expect competence, kindness and care. But in an unregulated industry, trainers can be hazy about the methods they use and even hazier about the evidence on which they’re based. But all that is about to change. A new breed of trainers is coming onto the scene. They’re professional, highly qualified and committed to exceptional service. At DogSense, we’re proud to be one of the first of this new breed and we’re bringing owners into our world via webcam to see just how we make a difference.